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Word families and word formation.

While learning English I came across a great deal of words which are strange, confusing and long. So i came up with a sollution to break them down into small, manageable chunks – roots and affixes. And it makes sense
   And now I lost my fear when I deal with “xenophobia”, “anthropology” and so on. If you want to improve your knowledge in a successful way you need to clarify all these Greek and Latin suffixes and prefixes in order to manage with all compound words. For instance, compose – poser, transport – airport. In addition, it can prevent you from misspelling. For the true foreign language learner it will be beneficial to grasp the importance of doing it. 
   So make the right decisionbrighten your vocabulary and don’t underestimate it!

UpstreamB2+ Student's Book, page 122-123:

Nowadays, youth and teens prefer to use only online dictionaries. No doubt, that it is like a piece of cake, `cause you don`t need to find the only word in a huge paper one. You just paste a word and online source give you loys of useful information and it`s not the tip of the iceberg
Lots of teachers strongly recommend to use paper dictionary, `cause lots of them, especially at school, think that paper one is more effective and that students will expand their vocabulary faster.

     If you want to build your vocabulary with remarkable ease you should select the right dictionary. I want to provide you with some tips how to do this:

- if English is your second language you need dictionary which will provide you with appropriate definitions, synonyms, sometime pictures for better understanding.It will be better for you to use monolingual dictionary instead of bilingual.

-to get the hand of using dictionaries you should buy one, which suits best to your English level. Be sure, it will make a progress and you will wrack your brain.

The next question - how to use it ?

-It will be easier for you to read unknown word in the context to identify the part of speech. Look the word up in the dictionary, take it easy !
-Also, the context will help you to guess the meaning of the word.
-And one more tip : not everything can be translated in your native language;)

Modern technologies give you a wide range of online dictionaries, it helps.

But remember : it`s normal to make a mistake, try hard and do your best to improve your skills.

The words I regularly mispronounce are :

area - /ˈeə.ri.ə/ NOT /eə.`ri.əa particular part of a place, piece of land, or counrty.
hotel - /həʊˈtel/ NOT /`həʊtel/a building where you pay to have a room to sleep in, and where you can sometime eat.
The words I usually confuse are :
manage -  to succeed in doing or dealing with sth, especially sth difficult.
deal - an agreement or arrangement, especially in business.

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Dear Shally,
Do you remember your enthusiasm in learning english ? You set a goal and tried to achieve it ! You explored different ways to make your english better. Of course, the hardest was to guess the meaning of the word, when you  had not that in your old paper vocabulary ( also the same with abbreviations ). And as a result, you made lots of mistakes because of it. And now i want to share with a wide range of  new online vocabularies and tools. I will paste a small list in this letter, that is my favorite. In 21 century you can  look a word up in the online dictionary. First and foremost, you will find there any definition of any word ! You only need to make a decision what definition is the most appropriate for a context. As for revision, you can find also variety of funny games and you will make a progress while doing exercise there. So, do your best and become an excellent english speaker ) 

Flashcard set - https://quizlet.com/_35zhqa
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  2. http://www.urbandictionary.com 
  3. http://www.thefreedictionary.com 
  4. http://www.snappywords.com 
  5. http://www.rapidtyping.com/online-typing-games/word-machine.html )

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Orginising and learning vocabulary : my tips

Nowadays more people have an access to education, technology is more developed, and the process of learning is easier because of countless sources of information. In 21st century you can find any word you need and of course it`s definition for better understanding. Personally when i read new article or text or even book, first of all i need to skim it, to understand what the text is about. Then i find unknown words and try to explain its meaning in context. Mostly it helps, if the text does not include plenty of unknown words. Then i put them down in my vocabulary, always with distinct definition, in this way you will remember how to explain this word in english. If i don`t know how to pronounce it, i also write a transcription. If i have leisure time, i try to paint some little pictures or just icons near the each word to assosiate it. What about learning and revising, i read my vocabulary every day, and also i have one special method ( maybe it will appeal you too). I write unknown words on notestickers and stick it everywhere. It can be table, wall, mirror, fridge, and just furniture. I have good visual memory so it really appeals to me. So read a lot, educate yourself, get some inspiration from others and enrich your vocabulary !❤ Thank you for reading, have a nice day ❤