четвер, 29 червня 2017 р.


According to lots of questioning and articles i have read during the last time, i want to dedicate me new blog for travellers.
The first tip is about the main purpose of your travel. If you want to travel abroad, for excursion as a sighseer, or globetrotter make sure that the company you`ve chosen includes charter flights. It will make your flight cheaper. Also don`t be afraid if it`s your first take off, you will faced with marvellous views en-route.
The next tip will be about money. If you don`t want to carry large amount of cash, you can take traveller`s cheque. If a traveller`s cheque were lost or stolen, it could be replaced by the issuing financial institution.
If you are on shoestring budget, you could live in hostel instead of luxury hotel or guest house. It will be better, if you b with your traveller companion. Be sure that you will meet lots of nationalities, which will make your extended stay colourful and exciting.

So take your backpack or luggage and get going to a new adventure !

His story, her story

Nowadays people are interested in history: someone interested in historic figures who made some remarkable achievements or some dramatic improvements in different spheres; others try to know more about fierce fighting, horrors of war, different decisive battles and guerrilla warfare or they try to discover the proses of signing a peace treaty. 

 Nevertheless, today I would like to tell you about the person, a great woman, who didn’t have any connection to military forces or peace process. As quote says: “History is the key to everything: politics, religion even fashion”. You might guess that I would talk about fashion designer Coco Chanel. 

This woman made useful contribution in fashion world and had a huge impact on women in 1910 and, moreover, she won the respect of those women. Coco Chanel made a lot of breakthroughs in fashion world but one of the most significant was creation of perfume “Chanel №5 ”, which became a true revolution in the history of perfumery art. 

Vast majority of people thought that Chanel would fail miserably with her idea but as a result, she enjoyed the fruits of her hard work. Chanel destroyed stereotype that tweed fabric was suitable for sewing only men suits. She took advantage of creation the female tweed suit. In the next few years, the success of her new collection was in guaranteed. She was real fashionista, she caused a sensation, and she always attracted interest in fashion and style.

Money matters

Spent Game wasn`t as easy as ABC. I think it`s the first step of preparation for our future life. I had to keep track of my outgoings, and actually i couldn`t afford as much as i want. I had a child and i need to take care of him. I wanted to be "a good mother" so i spent money for him too. But i couldn`t afford lots of things for myself. Of course i tried to save up money as much as it was possible. I couldn`t even go to dentist, because it costed 400$, it came at a price! It was difficult to make ends meet with 1000$, when you pay 750$ for rent, and your salary is not as high as you need for good life. Now i understand my parents and that money doesn`t grow on trees, so now I`m trying to be careful about my spending. 

Healthy lifestyle

Students work hard, that is why they need a square meal. The most important i think is a hearty breakfast. Before the breakfast my day starts with a cup of water with lemon juice, it helps me to wake up and to be in good mood. But no doubt that your daily menu depends on your tastes. 

 First and foremost, you should abandon junk food. It has neither calcium nor nutritional value but a great deal of carbs and calories.  Also try to avoid fry and fat meal, don`t eat a lot of salty or spicy food, it will harm your stomach. If you have a healthy appetite, you will cook delicious and nutritious food for yourself. If you make a decision to go on a diet, you should eat products high in protein, not carbs.

Don`t forget, that home-cooked food is the best choice for your health, `cause mostly it`s organic food, in this way you will also avoid GM foods. 

Be healthy ! :)


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Our job involves organizing parties, different memorable events and making people cheerful. Always you will have an opportunity to work closely with celebrities and for sure it will have influence on your career ladder. 
Working in team will help you to get used to new people and atmosphere. 
Also we offer you a day-off, when it is extremely necessary. Of course there are tea breaks and you can keep calm under pressure. 
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The video of Sugata Mitra is as easy as ABC and I subscribe to the theory that the times of Empire have already gone but I honestly think it’s a rough idea. Yocan be truly a gifted child or maybe an eager beaver but you can’t acquire knowledge being out of control of some instructors. It’s a widespread belief that self-education can’t bring you enough benefit at any rate.
   The second video is the best one `cause the speaker definitely hit the bull’s eye. It was mentioned that all children have a sense of curiosity from their childhood and the aim of their teachers, instructors  will not extinguish this fire in their eyes and cannot “encourage  follow the routine algorithms”.

    It’s a common knowledge that nowadays pupils/students in our country don’t get an education in order to become leading authority in the field but to receive a diploma which is in the other words no more than a plastic card. Just some of them grasp the importance of the aim of education – making progress.

   I take the view that it is necessary to create the only one exam after which all students can be divided into groups due to their specializations. In this way they would keep up with all subjects and prevent being dropped out of course and undoubtedly demonstrate their ability to work. 

Emotions are the creators of our life.

Everyday each person feels as many emotions as possible. In one moment you can be extremely cheerful and delighted, but suddenly you can revise some strange, sad and even frustrating moments, and you will become mixed up. And it is okay, `cause we can`t feel happiness every second, you can`t avoid some strange feelings. Sometime i am sick and tired of everything, and also depressed. But i suppose that people don`t need to bottle up their emotions. For sure it doesn`t mean, that you need to shout on everyone,in this case you can lose your close friends. Don`t frightened the life out of somebody if you are under the weather. When i feel on top of the world, i want to hug the whole world and it always made my day. I have a burst of energy and it helps me, i can cope with the most difficult issues. But i have one really significant advice - try to keep a cold head, even if it suppose to be hard for you.